Vote is A [_________].

Illustrator, Photoshop | Protest Package
“Vote is A [_______].” project is a part of ‘Protest Package,’ which urges people to join the issues and unite their ideas. Now, people over the world think all humankinds have rights to vote, but until the mid 20th century, the suffrage issue just had sprung and people started fighting for the equal rights on voting regardless of any regulations. And the time I created this, both the U.S. and South Korea, my hometown, had election issues, so I thought it would be a great time to deliver a message of how important it is to vote.

I came up with the phrase “Vote is A BODY, Vote is A HEART, Vote is A SPIRIT,” since human body needs an actual body for the physical existence, a heart for living, and spirit for making people not only think and judge ideas rationally, but also sympathize others.

The package includes posters, placards, buttons, and totes.